Keeping abreast of the times with flexible solutions.

Looking for safety?

Modern systems are developed and refined at an ever increasing speed. Production figures are rising fast. Therefore, safety for both man and the machine must be a priority at all times and develop and be re-thought at the same speed.

How safe is your operators’ workplace? How future-proof is your investment? Is your plant ready for future technologies?

We are your reliable partner when it comes to the safety of processes, man, machines, or investments, and we will not compromise on these issues. Stay on the safe side with the team of INAUT!

Safe and flexible?

Safety and flexibility are key. They should not and must not be mutually exclusive.

In our fast moving times, only flexibility will enable us to implement new technologies to suit your requirements as a plant operator fast, efficiently and according to the state of the art.

We will listen and talk to you openly from the beginning in order to find the optimal solution for your needs. A solution which fits both technically and economically. A sustainable solution which is long-lived even in a rapidly changing technical environment.

For questions concerning the industry, Roland is your man.

Project execution in 45 countries all over the world since 2001.

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