Your next step in automation!

Your reliable partner in automation technology and digitisation.

We guide you through the automation process.

Profit from our many years’ experience in automation technology!

Our highly qualified staff – engineers, automation technicians and master electricians – are there for you to help you implement your projects.

Automation, future-proof

With our cutting-edge technology and know how you can take the lead in digitisation.

We have been a reliable partner offering state-of-the-art solutions for many years, with digitisation and Industry 4.0 on our agenda from the very start.


Christian is your man for everything involving digitisation.

Fit for the environment and the industry

Our expertise from two decades and our passion for automation make us an ideal partner for environmental technology and the industry.

We will help you increase the productivity of your plant and implement the next steps towards a self-optimising system (AI), thereby making your plant and your investment fit for the future.


Control the processes in your plant easily and conveniently using optimised environmental technology solutions. The key figures of your plant allow you to continually optimise the system.


Keep up with the developments in industry and take the next step with us. Ensure stable processes and highest workplace safety for your operators.

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A recipe for success! 1200 630 INAUT

A recipe for success!

Slovakia, when you want it to run like clockwork! 1200 630 INAUT

Slovakia, when you want it to run like clockwork!

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