Slovakia, when you want it to run like clockwork!

Slovakia, when you want it to run like clockwork! 1200 630 INAUT

For one of our long-term customers, we were able to commission a conveyor line with an automatic wire cutting module.

We provided electrical engineering support for the project for a large paper producer with a site in Slovakia during the planning phase and accompanied the commissioning.

Pulp Bale Handling

Pulp Bale Handling 1600 840 INAUT

We were called in by our customer as support for the commissioning of a “pulp bale handling plant”. Such plants are complex conveying and separating systems. Their main tasks include receiving, separating, de-wiring and often also storage. These tasks are, of course, performed fully automatically. Such systems must withstand the highest levels of availability and reliability under the most severe conditions.

For our customer it was important to call in a competent partner in the field of industrial automation. Our experienced technician traveled several weeks to the north of the Czech Republic to the Olomouc region for the commissioning.

Not only the performance tests had to be fulfilled positively, but also the commissioning date of the plant had to be met in the industrial environment. Together all targets could be met and exceeded!

CSC container on the road

CSC container on the road 1200 630 INAUT

Finally the time has come! Recently we were able to complete and deliver a whole series of equipment for container composting plants.

Once again we are more than proud to be able to equip two plants in Germany, three plants in Bulgaria and four further plants in Israel with our technology and our know-how.

New measurement technology with NB-IoT technology

New measurement technology with NB-IoT technology 1067 600 INAUT

We have further developed our proven temperature measuring lances and data transmission can now also be carried out via NB-IoT technology. The first products of this new series are already available on the market.

The NB-IoT humidity and temperature probes are particularly well suited for stockpiles and silos. The design is optimized for high durability and at the same time the components can be replaced individually. The measurement data is collected in the probe and sent to the cloud at a configurable interval.

For more info contact us at office [at] inaut [dot] net.

Premium beer with invilution Brewery

Premium beer with invilution Brewery 1024 576 INAUT

The company Mavim from St. Pölten builds brewing plants mainly for restaurants and craft beer producers worldwide. The company INAUT Automation GMBH is the partner for the automation solutions for this. Ease of operation, recipe management for several beer types, easily controllable and clear processing of step chains, and precise temperature controls and temperature curve guidance are the basic requirements for the automation of these brewing systems.

For this purpose, INAUT Automation has added the “Brewery” line to the Invilution brand. Invilution has already integrated all the requirements for this project as standard.

The first plant with Invilution Brewery was commissioned for “Spitzenbier” in Pyhra near St. Pölten with Invilution in March 2020.


Container composting in Israel

Container composting in Israel 660 385 INAUT

In December, ten switch cabinets went on a long journey. In the meantime, they have reached their destination. They are used in CSC containers for mobile composting and are now in Israel. They thus complement the two composting containers that have already been active on site for years.

Our cloud solution MANDY is being used. This gives our customers access to the composting containers anytime, anywhere and ensures optimal operation.