Congratulations! 1200 630 INAUT

Stefan, our long-time and experienced co-worker, has climbed the next step on his career ladder. He is now an authorized signatory of the company INAUT Automation GMBH.

Congratulations and many thanks for your tireless commitment!

Plastic recycling with invilution

Plastic recycling with invilution 1200 630 INAUT

Invilution can do more than just biological waste. The Kerschner company has built a plastic waste processing plant in Mank. Controlled by invilution, of course.

How it works can be seen in the video of our partner Kerschner Umweltservice, which we are happy to share:

This time it’s off to the Adriatic coast 🇭🇷

This time it’s off to the Adriatic coast 🇭🇷 1200 630 INAUT

The success story continues with the first invilution plant in Croatia. A biowaste treatment plant in Sibenik has just been commissioned. This time with a little insight into the daily routine of commissioning and the next plant is already waiting …

Peloponnese in winter …

Peloponnese in winter … 1200 630 INAUT

In Greece, the first part of another composting plant has just been commissioned. This is the second plant of this owner that has been equipped with the proven Invilution technology. We are happy about another partner and meanwhile regular customer in our Invilution community!

MANDY for Christmas 🎁

MANDY for Christmas 🎁 1200 630 INAUT

One customer can look forward to a special Christmas package this year. Today we sent the Mandy app switch cabinet for waste treatment in Tarnow in Poland as the last installation this year.

And with that, we wish all INAUT customers and followers a Merry Christmas! 🎄

Promise fulfilled

Promise fulfilled 1200 630 INAUT

As announced in September, we were able to send the control cabinets equipped with our INVILUTION system in the E-house container on the long journey to the outskirts of Moscow, despite the current supply situation.

See you again at the commissioning!

2 decades of INAUT! Today we let it rip! 🎉

2 decades of INAUT! Today we let it rip! 🎉 1200 630 INAUT

A challenging childhood was followed by a puberty that was full of challenges. This is how we became what we stand for today. 20 years ago, the foundation stone was laid for today’s INAUT Automation GMBH. We look forward full of expectations to the age of digitalisation that lies ahead of us. But today we are celebrating.

And we would like to thank our customers for the many years of good cooperation under the mutual motto fair. competent. reliable.

A new face in control cabinet construction

A new face in control cabinet construction 1200 630 INAUT

We warmly welcome Lukas Zeiß to the INAUT team as the new head of our control cabinet construction department. With his years (and decades) of experience in industrial switchgear construction, he fits perfectly into our team!

We were at the Compost Practitioners’ Day

We were at the Compost Practitioners’ Day 1200 630 INAUT

This year’s Compost Practitioners’ Day took place at the newly built Brantner composting plant in Gneixendorf near Krems. INAUT was there. The system was automated by INAUT with the INVILUTIONcompost solution. The plant was considered a real success by the experts present.

Off to Russia

Off to Russia 1200 630 INAUT

After INAUT was already responsible for the automation of a facility in a composting plant network, we have now received the order for another plant of this type from the same operator. It is once again for the composting of household waste with a plant capacity of 200,000 tonnes per year.

We will deliver the plant this year. Let’s go!