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Waste sorting in Turkey

Waste sorting in Turkey INAUT

A landfill site in southeastern Turkey, near Kahramanmaras, has been expanded with a bio-scraper. Automation was supervised by us from planning to commissioning and put into operation at the end of 2017. The Bio-Scraper is used for the sorting of organic and inorganic waste and thus eases their further processing.

Chinese biogas plant is ready

Chinese biogas plant is ready INAUT

Near Shanghai in Haian, a new biogas plant has been put into operation in February. In cooperation with our Chinese regular customer YHR, commissioning was successfully completed. This is already the fourth biogas plant with invilution in China and more are in the planning process.

Here comes MANDY!

Here comes MANDY! INAUT

MANDY is the first mobile operated automation technology solution for environmental facilities.

Mandy implements automation technology solutions for mobile and stationary use. The controls run locally and are operated – optimized for mobile devices – via an internet browser or an app.

Visit us on the new MANDY-Website

Visit us at the IFAT Munich!

Visit us at the IFAT Munich! INAUT

Once again we are represented at the largest trade fair for environmental technology. In hall A4 at booth 139/238 you will find us at the IFAT Munich. Above all, this year we introduce our product MANDY.

More about the IFAT can be found here.

Workshop at the Montanuniversität Leoben

Workshop at the Montanuniversität Leoben INAUT

As part of the workshop „New Value Added through Digital Waste Management“ at the University of Leoben, Martin Liehl – Managing Director of INAUT – gave a lecture on „Automation and Industry 4.0 Practical Examples“.

The workshop was led by the team of the Department of Waste Utilization and Waste Management at the Montanuniversität Leoben and the Green Tech Cluster. Together with its partners, the Montanuniversität is currently working on a large number of research projects in environmental technology and INAUT is right in the middle of it all.

Expansion of a biogas plant in Turkey

Expansion of a biogas plant in Turkey INAUT

At an existing biogas plant in Turkey – southwest of Ankara – we will carry out a retrofit.

As part of this renewal, an additional gas line will be put into operation with digester and CHP. Implementation of the automation of the entire system is carried out with our solution Invilution. For the expansion, we also deliver the necessary work in terms of control cabinet planning and construction, as well as the required hardware.

Hungarian snowmaking system in operation

Hungarian snowmaking system in operation INAUT

The first part of the snowmaking system Sípark Mátraszentistván in Hungary was commissioned by INAUT in March 2018. The first of four water reservoirs is now ready for snowmaking and the next winter can come.


Wir machen eine Papiermüll-Sortieranlage

Wir machen eine Papiermüll-Sortieranlage 1239 1653 INAUT

Der Auftrag für die Automatisierung einer Papiermüll-Sortieranlage in der Tschechischen Republik beinhaltet das komplette EMSR-Paket. Wir liefern alles von der Schaltschrankplanung, über den Schaltschrankbau, bis hin zur Hardware, Software und Inbetriebnahme. Zum Einsatz werden Komponenten von Siemens kommen. Als Prozessleitsystem kommt WinCC OA zum Einsatz.