Pumping Station Aggsbach – remediation after flood damage

Pumping Station Aggsbach – remediation after flood damage INAUT

INAUT was contracted from the community of Schönbühel-Aggsbach with the remediation works on the pumping station Aggsbach after a flood caused significant damage to the plant.

We planned and delivered new switchboards for the pumping station Aggsbach, the level measurement for sump pit and screen feed, an inductive flow meter, PLC software, as well as additional components like new feed slides, pneumatic slides, lightning arrester, lighting and heating. Our works at site included the dismounting of the defective switchboards and the installation of the new ones. It also became necessary to rewire the pumping station. Additionally we were commissioned to undertake the commissioning of the plant and the plant inspection.

Official start of construction was in March 2014. The acceptance was carried out on August 28th 2014 successfully.