Invilution Biogas – Berkeley County USA

Invilution Biogas – Berkeley County USA 150 150 INAUT

On August 23rd 2012 9 control cabinets and 7 periphery cabinets with the automation system Invilution Biogas where shipped to South Carolina by INAUT.

The facility will be able to feed 1.6 MW of electricity into the grid in the first stage of the project. The biogas plant is fed by food residues and sewage sludge.

The control cabinets provide space for 26 variable frequency drives, which are communicating via Modbus TCP with the Invilution control system. The facility is operated by using a 22’’ Touchpanel or mobile with an 11’’ tablet.

The switchgear was planned, manufactured and labelled in accordance to UL508A from INAUT.

Completion: 4.Q. 2012