Environmental Technology 4.0 in the Cleantech Cluster

Environmental Technology 4.0 in the Cleantech Cluster INAUT

As pioneers of environmental technology 4.0, the history of INAUT is also important for the cleantech cluster and we were invited as speakers at an event on this topic.

Environmental Technology 4.0

Digital workflow between companies with new technologies and solutions

4.0 – the hype about a number goes around the world, but the promising idea behind it offers truly high potential. This is why digitization is also making rapid progress in environmental technology.

Environmental Technology 4.0 delivers new technologies and solutions, even for the special challenge of digital workflows between companies. Optimization of resource and energy efficiency in companies can be simplified by new high-tech solutions from our network.

Digitalisation and automation in the environmental sector, mobile telemetry evaluation, digitalised sampling, real-time online data transfer, system and process optimisation for saving resources and energy, cloud solutions, modern container management with NFC & RFID and much more!

Get to know new projects, new solutions and technologies in the field of environmental technology 4.0 in an entertaining spring update!

Date: April 21th, 2017
from 08.30 registration

event venue:
TechCenter Linz-Winterhafen, Hafenstraße 47-51, 4020 Linz



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