Our products are creating new opportunities for you.

invilution-facilities are providing full control over all concerning information and a high level of accessibility through control process optimation and a refined messaging system. To make the best of the ressources and capacities is the main objective of invilution.

RAVEN-EYE® is the new contactless RADAR flow meter for open channels by Flow-Tronic. It combines contactless leading edge measurement instrumentation with simple integration in existing process control or data communication systems.

INAUT is the official distributor and service partner for all products of Flow-Tronic in Austria.

With cloud automation automation solutions for mobile or stationary application can be realized. It is the optimal solution for small and cost-efficient facilities. You can access your on-site control by an Internet brower on the computer or mobile terminal.

A wide range of functions permits a versatile application of our system. Do you want to measure data and you are not able to install cabling to the site? If the task seems impossible – we will find the solution!

The flood situation in the last years made it obvious, how important warning systems for flood-prone areas are. Not only for the emergency services, also for the population, reliable information is very important.