News from the world of INAUT.

invilution arrives in Poland
A biogas plant in Poland will be automated with invilution. The next plant, which puts its trust into the invilution-system, is being built in Konotop (Western Poland). Close to 2.000 MWh of electrical work will be generated per year in the future.
Cloud composting in Lower Austria
Our cloud solution for composting plants is optimally designed for compact and cost efficient applications. Therefore it is used in Stockerau in Lower Austria. Six temperature monitored windrows are controlled via the web interface of our system.
Biogas plant upgrade
Our first invilution plant is located in the Czech city of Dublovice, which already runs since 2011. The system evolved in the meanwhile. During ongoing operation the software upgrade to the current version of invilution was performed. Thus the plant is once again state of the art.