News from the world of INAUT.

New order for composting plant in Greece
Our first composting plant in Greece will be located in the Epirus region in the north-west of the country. In cooperation with our partner Compost System we will deliver our complete package with planning, switch cabinet construction, measurement technology, software and visualization. The plant will contain six intensive rotting windrows and four maturation windrows, each... View Article
New order for biogas plant in Turkey
We received the next order for automation of a biogas plant in Turkey. It is located near Ankara. This will be the second biogas plant which is operated with invilution in Turkey.
COMPOcloud in Northern Germany
In Schleswig-Holstein our mobile automation solution for Industry 4.0 is used. A composting plant is operated with our cost- and resource-efficient product called Mandy in the application of COMPOcloud.