COMPOnent Elwoz – the next composting plant is in operation

In Elwoz the next polish composting plant started operation: the commissioning was performed by one of our technicians in July 2014. COMPOnent Elwoz works with MBT and the capacity is up to 10000 tons per year.

Besides of the commissioning INAUT delivered two switchboards with different measurement components in February 2014. The plant is operating with the most modern invilution-technology, as other plants designed and built from our partner Compost Systems.

COMPOnent Luban is in operation

One of our technicians was responsible for the successful commissioning of another composting plant in Poland. COMPOnent Luban will be operated with a capacity of 19000 tons per year. It will work with MBT as well as bio-waste.

Already in February 2014 three switchboards and some measurement components were delivered. This plant is fitted with our invilution-system.

This year we joined the Austrian Kommunal-Exhibition!

Create municipalities which are worth living.This was the topic of this year’s Kommunal-Exhibition, which took place together with the 61th Austrian Community Day in Oberwart.
From 12th to 13th of June 2014 we presented our company at the Kommunal-Exhibition in Oberwart (Austria). Our visitors were able to find us at the booth of the Umwelttechnik-Cluster.
ınvılutıon was presented as a possibility of retrofitting wastewater treatment plants. Visitors were able to test the easy-to-use system at a computer.
Our flood warning system was the focus of attention at the Kommunal-Exhibition. Harald Hömstreit, our expert, answered every question to this topic.
Additionally our employee Josef Kochberger presented „Raven-Eye“, our flow-metering device.
If you have any questions to these topics, please contact our employees anytime:

Harald Hömstreit
M: +43 (0) 664/80 40 33 43
O: +43 (0) 2756/200 58 310

Josef Kochberger
M: +43 (0) 664/80 40 33 05
O: +43 (0) 2756/200 58 310

INAUT Automation GmbH at IFAT 2014

This year our company was well presented at the IFAT 2014 in Munich (05/05/14 – 09/05/14). Together with the WKO we had a booth at the Austrian exhibition area.

At the exhibition our focus has been our automation system ınvılutıon. By using the control panel, our visitors were able to convince themselves of the easy operation: not only composting plants, but also biogas, water and wastewater plants were controlled.

We also thought about the special needs of our visitors by serving our Austrian Wieselburger beer directly at our booth.


flood warning system –

Please translate in en_us: Hochwasserfrühwarnung –

On May, 16th and 17th 2014 in Lower Austria, the situation of high water showed again: a warning system which indicates the dangerous increase of water on time is unavoidable.

Emergency task forces were able to focus on the areas which were in need of special attention.

For areas, such as Gresten, Randegg or St. Haus (see pictures down below),the forecast values were really important in order to estimate the situation.

The system can be used for:

  • rainwater overflow-tank
  • well measurement
  • flood reastraing basins
  • ground-water level
  • analytical parameter (water quality)
  • weather station


COMPOnent Olesnica is ready for commissioning!

This week one of our employees is in Olesnica (Poland) for commissioning their composting plant. This plant will convert an amount of 9500 tons of mechanical-biological-waste per year.

But not only the commissioning belongs to our activities at this composting plant, but also the complete EMSR-technology: we delivered the switch cabinets, the measurement- and control technology as well as the visualization.

COMPOnent Jaroszow is finished!

The composting plant was brought into service in Jaroszow (Poland) in August 2013. The plant will convert 40.000 tons of mechanical-biological-waste per year.

Our activities contained not only the operation, but also the planning and the construction of switch cabinets. Additionally the plant got equipped with our invilution-system.



Citizen service: Flood warning system

Live stress-free with our flood warning system!

The flood situation, which got more and more intensified the past years, shows the importance of having flood warning systems. Who profits by this system? Not only emergency task forces, but also the population itself, which only needs one important thing these times: reliable information.

How does the service work?

The data logger captures all data in a cyclic rhythm and transfers them to the data server. The service can be easily found on the Internet at, where all data of all current areas are structured and displayed on the overview.

Citizens can use the free registration to get a message as soon as the water shows critical values.

Your advantages?

  • Automatic data transfer to the web platform
  • No additional power supply needed -> maintenance-free for a long time
  • No cabling necessary -> easy installation
  • Objective information of actual situation
  • Time-savings in worst case because of constant availability
  • Ready to use without any complicated applications or settings
  • Safe against vandals
  • Better planning of action committee
  • Excellent availability because of national roaming
  • Extendable with any measuring values
  • Assimilable in any existing systems

If you are interested in any further information, please don’t hesitate to visit the homepage of the service:

Your contact person:
Harald Hömstreit
M: +43 (0) 664/80 40 33 43
O: +43 (0) 2756/200 58



COMPOnent Zlutice is in operation!

In Mai 2013 the composting plant was brought into service by the company INAUT Automation GmbH in Zlutice, Czech Republic. The plant has a capacity of 15.000 tons per year by composting biowaste, digestates and green waste.

In connection with the commissioning, we also executed the planning of the plant and the manufacturing of the switchboard. In addition the plant also got equipped with our innovative invilution-technology, which makes work as easy and efficient as possible.


Revolutionary flow measurement: RAVEN-EYE

more robust – more flexible – more precise

By bringing in our partner Flow-Tronic (Belgium), we gain years of experience in innovative discharge measurement. Being your competent counterpart for Raven-Eye and further products in Austria, we proudly present the new Raven-Eye radar flow sensor.

Radar Area/Velocity flow sensors have been in use for many years, so why is this Raven-Eye so revolutionary?

Positive experiences with the contactless flow rate measuring technique of different suppliers and the latest design, development and production methods allow the manufactory of a high quality new generation radar sensor.

What are your benefits?

The optimum cost efficiency. On top of that, the product also stands for:

Survivability: The Raven has a long life span, over 25 years in fact. The Raven-Eye builds on years of experience measuring sewer flows, the sensor is totally sealed, no joints, seals, screws or washers are used. It is rated to IP68 which means it withstands surcharge events and aggressive atmospheres. Internal sensors monitor and report the condition or „health“ of the system.

Adaptability: The Raven-Eye can be used in almost any open channel location, from 10 cm upwards, with velocities from 0.15 m/s to 9 m/s. It is ideal for retrofitting; industry standard MODBUS and analogue outputs allow easy integration with existing SCADA, PLC and telemetry networks. The Raven-Eye can also operate as a standalone system with flow and diagnostic displays, data logging and web data transfer.

Intelligence: The sensor uses radar to measure surface velocity, average velocity is calculated within the sensor using algorithms evolved from latest research work. Negative effects from non-ideal flow conditions, waves, turbulence etc. are removed. The Raven-Eye is not a piece of „laboratory“ equipment, it is a fully developed system, designed for a use in real world applications.

The combination of these qualities with minimum maintenance guarantee optimum cost efficiency. The manufacture in Europe and a perfect partner network provide optimum cost care, fast delivery, service and support. No matter where and when!

You can find the Raven-Eye Video by klicking here!

Please find more details such as data sheets, videos and pictures at!

Your contact person:
Josef Kochberger
M: +43 (0) 664 80403305
O: +43 (0) 2756 20058