Composting plants in Colombia

Three composting plants with Invilution-technology have been constructed in Colombia. INAUT supplied planning, switch cabinet construction, measurement technology and control technology. The commissioning was carried out by technicians of the plant constructor on site with remote support by INAUT. The modular design of hardware and software makes this possible.

COMPOnent Swarzewo in Poland in operation

In the Polish city of Wladyslawowo on the Baltic Sea coast a new composting plant with Invilution technology was put into operation. INAUT was responsible for planning, switch cabinet construction, control technology, measurement technology and commissioning. The plant is in operation since May 2015.

Invilution Water has arrived in China

The city of Anqing in the Chinese province Anhui has approximately 6 million inhabitants and most recently a brand new water treatment plant with Invilution-technology.

INAUT was responsible for planning, project, switch cabinet construction, electrical technology and control technology. The delivery of the switch cabinets was carried out in February 2014. In December the commissioning started successively by INAUT technicians on site, which was completed successfully in May 2015.

COMPOcloud Hlinsko and COMPOwatch Gollan

We implemented our newest solution COMPOcloud for our long-term partner Compost System into a CSC-Container panel in January 2015. The switchboard including the computer with accessories will be used in our neighbouring country, the Czech Republic.

Also in January we completed and delivered a COMPOwatch-system for Compost Systems: COMPOwatch Gollan consists of a control panel with voltage conditioning and COMPOwatch access as well as three radio temperature measurement probes.

Renewal of the normal tile plant

In July 2014 we were engaged by Bramac Dachsysteme International for the renewal of the control technology of the cableway from the normal tile plant.

INAUT was responsible for change of the whole electric and control technology concerning the cableway in Pöchlarn. We delivered planning and switchboard design, as well as software for PLC and HMI.

The delivery of the switchboards took place in November, the installation and wiring at the plant in Pöchlarn were performed in December 2014 and January 2015.

Commissioning of the biogas plant in Changan

In October 2014 we started the commissioning of the first biogas plant with our self-developed system called invilution in the Chinese province of Shandong.

Beside of commissioning we were responsible for engineering, software and distribution board design. Three completely wired and tested distribution boards including a number of measurement components were already delivered in November 2013 from Ruprechtshofen to China by ship.

First implementation of COMPOcloud

In July 2014 we implemented our newest product COMPOcloud for a smaller composting plant in Israel. The project consists of container composting with a switchboard including measurement and a wired TML-probe.

Our newly developed product COMPOcloud is cloud-based automation solution for mobile or stationary use. It is a cost-effective solution for small plants, customized to suit the needs of our partners and customers.

Pumping Station Aggsbach – remediation after flood damage

INAUT was contracted from the community of Schönbühel-Aggsbach with the remediation works on the pumping station Aggsbach after a flood caused significant damage to the plant.

We planned and delivered new switchboards for the pumping station Aggsbach, the level measurement for sump pit and screen feed, an inductive flow meter, PLC software, as well as additional components like new feed slides, pneumatic slides, lightning arrester, lighting and heating. Our works at site included the dismounting of the defective switchboards and the installation of the new ones. It also became necessary to rewire the pumping station. Additionally we were commissioned to undertake the commissioning of the plant and the plant inspection.

Official start of construction was in March 2014. The acceptance was carried out on August 28th 2014 successfully.