Here comes MANDY!

MANDY is the first mobile operated automation technology solution for environmental facilities.

Mandy implements automation technology solutions for mobile and stationary use. The controls run locally and are operated – optimized for mobile devices – via an internet browser or an app.

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Chinese biogas plant is ready

Near Shanghai in Haian, a new biogas plant has been put into operation in February. In cooperation with our Chinese regular customer YHR, commissioning was successfully completed. This is already the fourth biogas plant with invilution in China and more are in the planning process.

Waste sorting in Turkey

A landfill site in southeastern Turkey, near Kahramanmaras, has been expanded with a bio-scraper. Automation was supervised by us from planning to commissioning and put into operation at the end of 2017. The Bio-Scraper is used for the sorting of organic and inorganic waste and thus eases their further processing.

New order for composting plant in Greece

Our first composting plant in Greece will be located in the Epirus region in the north-west of the country. In cooperation with our partner Compost System we will deliver our complete package with planning, switch cabinet construction, measurement technology, software and visualization. The plant will contain six intensive rotting windrows and four maturation windrows, each with irrigation.

COMPOcloud in Northern Germany

In Schleswig-Holstein our mobile automation solution for Industry 4.0 is used. A composting plant is operated with our cost- and resource-efficient product called Mandy in the application of COMPOcloud.

Level monitoring at water board

Seven solar measurement stations were commissioned by INAUT for a water board in northern Lower Austria. Additionally we delivered console mounts for bridge mounting and the mounting itself including parametrization.

Renewal of sewage pumping stations

The renewal of two sewage pumping stations in the present system of a wastewater treatment plant in Styria was completed successfully. The model S7-100 by Siemens was used as PLC. We delivered planning, switch cabinet construction, measurement technology and mounting. Additionally we carried out the first electrical inspection of installations.

invilution arrives in Poland

A biogas plant in Poland will be automated with invilution. The next plant, which puts its trust into the invilution-system, is being built in Konotop (Western Poland). Close to 2.000 MWh of electrical work will be generated per year in the future.

Cloud composting in Lower Austria

Our cloud solution for composting plants is optimally designed for compact and cost efficient applications. Therefore it is used in Stockerau in Lower Austria. Six temperature monitored windrows are controlled via the web interface of our system.